Yesterday we had dinner with Aunty Winne, Uncle Bao n their son, Tony. Bunda and Ayah wanted to serve Indonesian food. We prepared beef for making rendang and semur, Sayur lodeh and Kerupuk.

When Bunda prepared the ingredients, the I realized that we didn’t have coconut milk 😛 So we cooked rendang and lodeh without coconut milk. The taste was not bad though, It’s just not original 😀 😀

When Aunty Winnie and family came Kalila and Kaysan had just woke up from their nap. Soon, they played together with Tony. And I heard them speak chinese with each other.

While the children played, Bunda, Ayah, Aunty Winnie and Uncle Bao chit chat on dining Table. We speaked mostly in English. But if we stuck in somewords, we use the dictionary or started to speak a little chinese. It’s fun and interesting to chat that way 😀