Bunda have a friend. Her name is Aunty Panadda and she is from Thailand. She lives in the same Apartement, only Aunty Panadda lives in Building no one, while we live in Building number three.

Kalila and kaysan first time met Aunty Panadda on March 2012. At first they didn’t really familiar with Aunty Panadda, but after a while Kalila started to asked Aunty Panadda to played together. Bunda and Aunty Panadda also had a great time. We like to talked for hours without end πŸ˜›

Last week was Aunty Panadda last day in Dalian. She will back to Thailand. Bunda decided to make a Good Bye Card, Kalila and Kaysan also help Bunda, with their own way πŸ˜€

On the Afternoon we went to Aunty Panadda’s house and gave the card to her. This is how the cards look like

We also had dinner together on Muslim Restaurant near our house.

Bye Bye Aunty Panadda…

Hope We’ll see you soon, where ever it is πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€