This is our first trip to China. And our first trip will be the trip to settle down there. Ayah works in Dalian, Liaoning Province at Avaya. You know why I am confident to write in English ? Because I feel so good when I speak English compare to most Chinese people here 😀

There is no direct flight from Jakarta to Dalian, we have to transfer flight in Guangzhou. Custom declare and immigration are process there. Then we go to domestic flight gate. It tooks about two and a half hours from international arriving gate to domestic departing gate plus all the process. The Airport is so big, and have small cars inside the building if you feel tired to walk and it’s free ( I think) because I never try it 🙂

On the airplane, Kalila sit with uncle and aunty, Kaysan with Nini and Bunda while Bapak sit by himself because the seat formatted as 3-3.  They met new friend name Jerry, who wants to go to Guangzhou.

Kalila Zarin

Kaysan FadilFour hours waiting time just flies away because we have a lot of things to see. Our plane is a little bit late from Guangzhou so we arrived in Dalian almost midnight. Turbulence was coloring our flight to Dalian. Dzikir and pray always on our mind and heart. Kalila and Kaysan were sleeping during the flight and woke up when we arrive at the airport. Aunty carried Kalila and Bunda carried Kaysan. While Bapak, Nini and Uncle tried to get all the baggage. Total we have seven baggages.  Two big luggage and two medium and three small one :-D. It took three taxis to bring all of us plus baggage to Apartment. Wind and cold air greet us at the airport

This is Day fourth we are in China. Aunty, Uncle, Nini and Bapak are in Beijing already. We have to start our daily live in China. First we have to registered to be legal residence in China. Michael, from Fragomen will assist us to do all the process. He could speak a little English he said, so we talk just a little bit. Kalila and Kaysan were sleeping all the way to the “Exit-Entry Dalian Goverment Office”. Nap Time in The CarIt’s a long long journey. The office is so far away up on the hill and it is very windy there. I really thankful there’s Michael there. The Office is so big and almost everything is written is Hanzi (Chinese character). We have to go to second floor and wait there while Michael wrote some form for us, all I need to do is signing the form. After form then we go the a room and he check our passport, original marriage certificate and original birth certificate. Then we go to the big room. There we have a little interview about me and my children. After that we go home. To get the residence permit approved, they will need two weeks processing our documents.