Kalila is still using my account when she takes tour in Second Life (SL). My name is Gita Zeurra in SL. Today is not her first journey in SL, but I’ve found today she’s so exiting. I think It’s because she can teleport herself just by sitting on a chair in science school. Altough she not yet can understand about things in Science School but she enjoying her time there.

Marcel Mosswood let Kalila play in the her swing at her home. Most favourite things to do is swimming….:)Swimming in the sea, swimming pool or even in the pond, haha..
She likes to to the zoo, but a little bit upset when she could’nt feel the soft furr of the animal.

I haven’t much time exploring SL because everytime I log in, Kalila is waiting for her turn exploring SL..since we have only 1 pc..Bunda will always be the one who take the last chance πŸ˜€

Keep Exploring Kalila, Bunda write this in English as a practice because It’s been ages since my last post using English πŸ™‚